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Learn German articles in a playful way

With our panda you can learn the German articles in a playful way. Drag either PanDer, PanDie or PanDas down and if you get it right your panda will get a bamboo stick in his basket.


Game instructions

The aim of the game is to learn as many articles as possible. Currently 150 words are available. However, the app will continue to be expanded. A word appears in the lower area. Then you have to drag the right panda (Der, Die or Das) down with the mouse or your finger. If your choice was correct, the word will turn green and the correct article will appear. If your choice was wrong, the word turns red.

PanDerDieDas Screenshot 1 PanDerDieDas Screenshot 2

In the upper area you can see four baskets containig the words. At the start of the game, all the words are in basket 0x. This means you have never chosen these words correctly.

PanDerDieDas Screenshot 3

With each correct move, the word moves to a basket further to the right. Basket 1x contains all the words that you have already answered right once. (In the example above 3 words). If you have chosen all words correctly three times, all these words will be in the right basket 3x. If you choose a word wrong, it goes back into the left basket 0x.

PanDerDieDas Screenshot 4

The words are only drawn from the active baskets, which are marked in blue. By clicking or tapping on the baskets, you can determine from which baskets your words are drawn. If you want to practice words that you already know, you can only activate the basket 1x, for example. But if you want to learn new words, you can only select the basket 0x. You can also select several baskets at the same time.